About Us

Dolce Natura

Dolce Natura - Orfebrería It is an exclusive Italian brand with unique pieces handmade by skilled craftsmen in the field. All our products are completely natural and prepared with our own unique techniques in Silver, Gold , Yellow Gold, and Pink Gold, through which a piece of nature gets turned into an unique and delicate accessory that completes any outfit.

The Product

Dolce Natura leaves, seeds, flowers and shells in Gold or Silver, are fabulous accesory for brooches, Earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

The end product is a fine jewel collection that embodies and rewards nature with lightness, elegance and simplicity. They are natural leaves covered with a copper bath and treated with Gold , Yellow Gold, or Pink Gold.

The thickness of the precious metal may vary by treatment with 3.2 Micron without nickel .

All the materials used for the construction of each piece must comply with all applicable regulations established by the EC .